“Once again...welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.”


ID: Victor / Cass

Age: 19

Pronouns: He/Him

Species: Vampire

Current Mood: Hunger

Current Song: Billie Was A Vampire - Selofan


Hello and welcome to the vampire's den. Many know me as Cass or Victor, and I am a vampire of many talents. I'm currently a photography student in college, and a purveyor ofthe gothic subculture. When not engaging in vampiric tendencies, my most common focus is science fiction media. I am also an enjoyer of fighting games and Batman comics. I talk incessantly about my interests and whatever captures my attention, and can oft be found in the depths of Wikipedia.

As a vampire, I have plenty of times to create and engage in hobbies, which include but are not limited to: webmastery, drawing, building gunpla, ttrpgs, playing video games, and over-analyzin all kinds of art.

I feel as though I have too many loves and interests to list them all, so here's a few current ones for the time being: Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball, Gundam, Metal Gear Solid, NieR, Souls games, and House of Leaves.


slatchbat@gmail.com - If you have anything you want to tell me about that doesn't require a full conversation feel free to shoot me an email! I try to check it daily

cassbat - My discord account in case you want to talk about anything at length! I love making friends and striking up conversation so feel free at any time to say hello!

Social Media - You're welcome to go and find it, but it's since been abandoned. Sorry


The Internet, as it is now, is full of shit. Long gone feel the days of websites and forums dedicated to Quake, obscure anime, and esoteric art. Instead of a place of exploration and creativity, the internet has been corrupted by the same corporate sludge as real life. Everything is rife with capitalist hostility, to the point where adblock is a necessity and piracy is the only way to access anything. This website is my creation, an escape from the hostile internet I've come to inhabit. Every string of html is an act of love for an internet that feels like it no longer exists--a return to form that I've yearned for. Every new page of this site is an act of defiance against capitalism, and part of the fight to put community back on the internet.