This, For The Indeterminate Future, Will Be My Habit Tracker

There's a lot of things I want to improve upon, and get better at as well. I'm not looking to up my "productivity" or some stupid cognitive behavioral therapy bullshit, I just want to improve myself and my life, and since summer is starting, I think it's a good a time as any to start with that. So here we are. I have a list of things I'm going to try and get done and do over summer and then into the future! Yay!

  • 1. Work on garden over the summer
  • 2. Reduce impulse spending + work on budgeting to stop falling to the consumerist machine
  • 3. Get back on practicing Japanese every day
  • 4. Read something every day
  • 5. Finish 1 video game per month over summer
  • 6. Watch 1 movie per week over summer
  • 7. Brush teeth/do skincare daily (I hate being depressed and having ADHD)
  • 8. Continue working on website
  • 9. Work through backlog
  • 10. Continue working on Spotify playlists
  • July 15th

    1. My garden is doing well! My roommates took care of it while I was away and I have a cucumber! I'll pick it tomorrow.

    2. I have to buy some hygeine products but otherwise nothing of note.

    3. I did some brief flashcards to get back in the habit

    4. Read the latest chapters of Chainsaw Man and WHAT IS FUJIMOTO COOKING!!!!!!!!!! EVIL NONSENSE.... let him continue. I'm trying to figure out what I will read next... I have a long list of things to read

    5. I played all of Typing of the Dead in one day on my computer for fun. That game is INSANE but very fun

    6. Watched a few episodes of Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 to work on the Gundam Reviews section of the shrine

    7. I do not feel like doing this at the moment

    8. Set up the Gundam shrine! Everyone please cheer

    9. Typing of the Dead... Gundam 0079

    10. Anime OSTs playlist...

    pre July 15th

    Long time no update... but it's for a good reason! I was visiting family so a lot of this felt like it mattered a little less... I was spending time with family, but I will quickly update this with things I remember doing while I was back home with family!

    1. No garden work, I was nowhere near my garden!

    2. I bought a lot of snacks for myself and a bunch of stuff at the Fan Expo but mostly I didn't go too overboard other than a new computer mouse

    3. I did not practice literally any Japanese

    4. I also did not read

    5. I didn't finish anything but I did play a few hours of Death Must Die, a little bit of Another Crab's Treasure, and started my next Elden Ring playthrough

    6. I watched all of Dragon Ball Z: Abridged, Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation, Beverly Hills Cop, If, and the Dungeons and Dragons movie. The Dungeons and Dragons movie I have the least thoughts on. It was a fun time. I was a little mad that the bard did not cast a single bard spell. What bard does not know Vicious Mockery and use it like... every possible chance. Pathetic. Beverly Hills Cop was just a fun watch with my family. I liked it a lot, but I am also generally and Eddie Murphy movie enjoyer, so that doesn't surprise me. If was... really good. I wasn't really expecting it to be so good, but it was so endearing that it got me a little teary at the end. Very cute. Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation just was REALLY good to look at. Absolutely gorgeous animation usage there was some really evil animation sequences. I honestly recommend it to like... everyone even if you aren't a fan of One Piece. It was so strong. And Dragon Ball Z: Abridged. Has done something to me. I watched basically all of it with my friend at his house and have re-entered a Dragon Ball hyperfixation. It will be a problem. Sorry

    7. I did it... sometimes

    8. There was actually a decent number of website updates while I was home! I was very happy about that

    9. Dragon Ball Z: Abridged, Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation, Beverly Hills Cop, Dungeons and Dragons

    10. I did not do this

    June 23rd

    1. I literally didn't even check my garden. It rained last night so they got water. Tomorrow I will put a tomato cage on the cucumber and tomato so my roommates do not have to

    2. Didn't buy anything yesterday. Bought myself food today. Yippee

    3. Did a little bit of practice yea

    4. I admittedly did not do this

    5. No video game

    6. I did actually watch THREE things with my friend last night at like 1 AM. Dementia 13, She Gods of Shark Reef, and Pokemon Concierge. Dementia 13 was bad in a good way, She Gods of Shark Reef was Just Bad, and Pokemon Concierge was very good and cute and I am excited for the 2nd season of it

    7. I did do this :)

    8. Nothing today

    9. Dementia 13, She Gods of Shark Reef, and Pokemon Concierge

    10. Nothing today

    June 22nd

    I was going to update this after work today but the idea of going to hang out with my friend/coworker and watching movies seemed much more fun and I didn't feel like bringing my whole ass laptop

    June 21st

    1. The plants are doing well! I need to buy a cage for the cucumber as it's trying to now latch onto my tomato plant. Will be doing this tomorrow morning

    2. Today I have to get a haircut, which will cost a little bit, but it's worth it because now that I've found a place that caters towards alternative and gnc haircuts I can kind of ask them to do whatever. Today is just a trim, I would like my shorter pieces of hair trimmed + to clean up my side shaves a wee bit. lol.

    3. Just some more flashcards lol

    4. I sure am almost finished with Skin by Robert Vandermolen. I have very mixed feelings about this poetry collection as I approach the end. There's some real bangers in here and then others that I am far less enthused about. Will finish it and then work through my thoughts, which will likely turn into its own blog post. A shorter one, for sure, but I still think it's good to reflect on things you spend time with

    5. SHADOW OF THE ERDTREE BABY!!!!!! LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (note: i am not actually buying shadow of the erdtree rn because I want to wait and see if the steam summer sale pulls through. I will not be playing anything today personally, but I may watch a stream or two

    6. Nothing today

    7. Did these yayyyyy . Still need to work on washing my face so that will be an updated goal when I hit the 4 month mark and feel like I can update the goals list. I'm already working on it and noting what I need to work on or what I want to change but it's definitely improvement

    8. Nothing today :( Sorry

    9. Still working on turning the backlog into an Actual Tangible Spreadsheet On My Computer

    10. Goth playlist yayyyy

    June 20th

    1. My plants look great! I'm sure that while I am gone they are going to have flowers and will need tomato cages. Because of course

    2. I don't have any plans to buy anything. I am a little mad ecause yesterday I had to get a car wash but it was a necessity because my car was absolutely COVERED in tree sap. It was a bit disgusting. I think because of that it ends up being fine but it was also ten dollars which is ridiculous

    3. Did this :)

    4. Read a wee bit of Skin. I feel kind of terrible today though so not really much

    5. Will not be video gaming tonight...sorry

    6. None today!

    7. Did these. or. brushed my teeth and used moisturizer lol

    8. Will maybe do some of this depending on how I feel

    9. Working on the backlog list?? so it counts i guess

    10. Goth playlist :)

    June 19th

    The garden is doing well! I need to return to the greenhouse tomorrow with a list and purchase a few items, but overall I am very excited. I require herbs, and would like to get lettuce seeds, and try to restart my napa cabbage. I also want to get more flowers, this time keeping in mind things like mosquito repellents and things that attract bees. I know my roommate has some potting soil, so I'll see how much he has and from there determine if I require more at all. Anyway the cucumber and tomato are doing fantastic, as well as a couple of my peppers!

    2. I do need to buy some stuff today--mostly I require a little thing to put my phone on while driving. I don't like having to look down at my phone to check google maps. So I need to fix that before I drive 20 hours. I am also debating on if I should purchase something more suitable to a carry-on luggage size, as I will be gone for a bit over two weeks. I'll be able to do my laundry, but still. That's not including things I will require for the two weeks I'm there that aren't clothes. We will see

    3. Did some flashcards again :) Just trying to memorize what I do know before i force myself to learn more

    4. Reading more of Skin. I find that occassionally for the most part the poems say something really interesting and I want to delve into what thaot means but for the most part I find that the word choice feels just.... not for me long term. There's some good ones in there though, for sure. I'll post my full thoughts when I'm done with it

    5. Nothing today. Dare I say I might not finish a video game this month. This is okay though. I probably won't finish one next month because I'll be back home for the first portion of it spending time with friends

    6. None today

    7. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, and did moisturizer!!! Everyone cheer please

    8. While not technically on my website, I am updating my backlog, which will probably go on my website. also the collections pages. I'm getting there. I have a lot of blinkies

    9. Read more of Skin :)

    10. More work on the goth playlist lol

    June 18th

    I forgot to do this. Which... 18 days of remembering to go through this before forgetting for one day isn't bad at all!

    June 17th

    1. Just did some plant watering... there was some gnarly wind yesterday and im worried about plants having gotten damaged though

    2. I bought myself. Pizza for dinner but otherwise nothing bought today. I do need to go to a car wash tomorrow my car is COVERED in tree sap

    3. Did some quick practice

    4. Read a teeny bit of Skin

    5. I forgot to play a video game today. I got home from work, fell asleep, woke up, and watched a bunch of videos about the things currently going on with Illuminaughtii or however its spelled. All I have to say is What The Fuck

    6. No movie today

    7. Brushed my teeth and did my face moisturizer before work everyone please be proud. I took care of my body before noon

    8. No website work. I need to fix the blinkies on my pages so I will be doing that tonight. Sorry for the frustration it is getting fixed yeah

    9. Read more of Skin

    10. More of my fuckign goth playlist.. . .

    June 16th

    1. They seem to be doing very well now that I have the spray. I'm especially excited about my hot peppers the most

    2. No plans to buy anything today unless my roommate decides we want to go out for lunch, but even then i have cleaning I must partake in. I am tempted though to get something proper to place my vinyls and cds on while I wait for an entertainment stand to use instead

    3. Just more quick flash cards! I am being enriched or something

    4. Read more of Skin by Robert Vandermolen.

    5. Might be playing some Monster Hunter today? Might also not be and will instead play something else. We will see if i play anything at all

    6. None today!

    7. Did this and then had fun chatting with my roommate :3

    8. No website work today! I'm cleaning my room and such rn

    9. Just read some of Skin

    10. Need to start working on the spotify playlist for the big trip im going on!!!

    June 15th

    Sorry about yesterday, I felt like I was slightly dying (work is killing me slowly) but we are back on that grind today

    1. I went out and watered my plants and they seem to be doing Mostly Okay. I worry for them, but at least it seems I will have one (1) lettuce this summer. I'm still waiting for those carrots to grow but it should be alright. They are very green which is reassuring. I need to get more pots and more plants though. In an ideal world I will have taken over the entire back picnic bench with plants. If I don't do that this summer I will try to next summer for sure.

    2. I don't plan on really spending anything today, just getting some groceries and such. There's not much I really need right now, I'm chilling for the time being

    3. Did some more hiragana flashcards, they're honestly pretty fun once you get into a bit of a groove with them.

    4. Read more of Skin by Robert Vandermolen. I only have Part 3 left to read, but I've begun formulating thoughts on this one. It's interesting to read something about Michigan by someone from the area. I currently reside in Michigan for schooling, and have little connection to its forests or history, so it's quite nice to read something from someone with a deep affinity for the trees and the water. It's certainly giving me an appreciation of the state I may have lacked prior

    5. I think the plan is that I am playing a bit of Stardew Valley today? If not then I will ifnd something else to play. Admittedly I have realized that playing Hades II under "game im trying to finish" isn't very smart since it is still in early access. I may switch gears so that, while I am still playing Hades II, I can instead focus on other things. With Shadow of the Erdtree's release on the horizon, that might just be a task for next month, as I didn't realize this error until now lol

    6. Tonight I plan to watch 30 Days of Night. It is a movie that my coworker picked out for me when given the prompt of "find me the worst horror movie you possibly can" while he was going through our dvd section. I hope he has delivered on this and it isn't actually a masterpiece. Lol. I love me a good bad horror movie

    7. I didn't feel particularly well when writing these other pieces, but I've found that apparently when you take a moment to brush your teeth and wash your face quickly your emotional state improves tenfold. Who would have guessed caring about your body is a good thing.

    8. The plan is to begin working on the layout for my music collection, but I might need to redo some aspects of my collections page overall. I've realized that the setup for my blog and collections pages are now too different from the rest of my site and it might be a bit jarring, so I will try and find something else. I also have decided that I enjoy the use of scenery within manga panels greatly as a backdrop for my website, with the ones for my media and links page coming from Blame! I may change one of them (as well as the background to my home page) to give a little more interest to different pages of my site. The red theme is probably staying though.

    9. Skin by Robert Vandermolen, 30 Days of Night, Stardew Valley (?), Hades II

    10. The goth playlist continues to get updates. I have realized though that I need to make a playlist for the 40 hours of total driving time i will be doing for my journey home and then my journey back

    June 14th

    not filling this out today im fucking exhausted but know i did like. at least 2 things on here. sorry

    June 13th

    1. Not much to do with my plants... I watered them really wickly just because it was supposed to be hot but they seem to be doing alright

    2. No purchasing plans today... though I will need to start making preprations for my trip back home, which will require a few things. Other than that, I don't plan on too many purchases right now

    3. I did some more flash cards :) They're very good for memorizatioin without learning more all at once

    4. I'm admittedly not in the mood to read today, but I did catch up on some manga I had fallen behind on quickly

    5. Nothing today, sorry

    6. Nothing tonight, but I think this weekend I'm going to watch 30 Days of Night. It looks... something

    7. I did these ^-^ I ate some food and then was like hmmmm I am forgetting something (it was that i need to clean my bones off

    8. Nothing today, sorry

    9. N/A

    10. More goth playlist work

    June 12th

    1. The repellant arrived last night so I went out and sprayed it this morning. This should help out a ton!!

    2. Not planning on buying anything today!

    3. Did some more of my hiragana flashcards! Nothing crazy today

    4. Read a tiny bit of Skin, I wasn't super in a reading mood today but i did it regardless lol

    5. Nothing today probably unfortuanately. Work has me super upset and beat down rn. Learned some stuff and policies and it's got me mega sad lol

    6. No movies today but yesterday I did cave and buy some stuff so I do have some horror movies to watch through :)

    7. I do not feel particularly well HOWEVER I did both of these anyway and while it didn't fix me it probably helped somehow

    8. yesterday i gathered the stuff for the music part of my collections page! Will be working on that when I get the chance I think

    9. Read more of skin

    10. Working on the goth playlist

    June 11th

    1. Today I only needed to water the tomato. Overall all of my plants now seem to be doing well. The capsaicin animal repellent will be here sometime tonight, and tomorrow I will water them (should nature not do that for me) and then gently spray some of that onto them. Thankfully they seem to be doing pretty well now. I believe my tomato plant may be a little top heavy, so it may require a bit more soil around the base to prevent it leaning over. Otherwise, this week I plan to buy another flower, more lettuce seeds (they need replanting unfortunately) and then possibly some herbs. I'd like to get marigold, as well as some thyme and possibly mint. I contemplated dill, but I think this would be an overall bad idea, since I rent and my landlord is adamant about a normal lawn, unfortunately

    2. I can feel the buying urge--most notably with stuff at work. I really want a gamecube, and we do have a decent selection of fun gamecube games. I shouldn't get it though, the only thing I am eyeing at work right now is a copy of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for the DS that I might get with my discount. It's still $56 with my store discount though, so we will see. Shadow of the Erdtree will be the game taking precedence this month

    3. Quick hiragana before work. The worst part about working a 2:30 to close shift is that I don't really feel like I have much time to actually sit and do the things on here. Instead of feeling like I can take my time, I have to rush because it's already almost noon and I need to leave for work at 2. But oh well, I did study. It's getting harder and harder to remember which is which so instead of learning new hiragana, today I practiced with some flashcards I bought a while back

    4. I read a little more of Skin today. Not much though, just 3 poems. A little bit to rad before work, without taking too much time away from other things that could get done

    5. I might play something when I get home from work, but nothing before work today. Maybe a little Hades II. I don't find myself enjoying it as much on my pc though, so I find it a more enjoyable experience in steamdeck, so I have to remember to plug it in before I go to work. Much as I love the thing, it's battery life is not the most spectacular. Reminds me of a gaming laptop

    6. No movies today

    7. I washed my face after my shower, but neglected the teeth brushing until now because I wanted strawberries with breakfast and toothpaste and strawberries is a gnarly and disgusting combination

    8. Nothing planned for today, though I do plan on beginning my next blog entry and drafting that, so keep a look out, I suppose

    9. Read Skin, possibly video gaming

    10. Working on the goth playlist. I've admittedly been craving a bit of drum and bass so the playlist updates haven't been as speedy since I'm taking breaks to listen to some dnb and jungle music every now and then

    June 10th

    1. Today I just watered them. The evil bastard squirrel has not hit my tomato yet at least

    2. Not buying anything today :) Just went to work and came home!

    3. Hiragana practice!

    4. Admittedly. I just read some fanfiction. It counts though I suppose

    5. Nothing today

    6. Nothing today

    7. Did this!

    8. Nothing today

    9. Nothing today

    10. More work on the goth playlist

    June 9th

    1. The bastard squirrel has yet to destroy my new beloved tomato. I wish, however, that the capsaicin repellent would come sooner, just because I want to protect my plants while I can. I am worried I will need to buy a new cucumber plant. The carrots seem to be coming along well at least.

    2. Today I just need to buy groceries. The allure to buy a new piece of technology is strong but I should not. Thankfully my bills are incredibly under budget this month so instead I can put that money towards fun things for when I go home! I am telling myself to not spend by instead forcing myself to build one of my several unbuilt gundams

    3. Hiragana :D

    4. Reading more of Skin by Robert Vandermolen. I think my interest in these poems actually lies within my experiences growing up in bumfuck nowhere. It was a different kind of bumfuck nowhere so it's interesting to see.

    5. Playing a little Animal Crossing, probably a little hades 2 afterwards!

    6. Doing a little Mystery Science Theater 3000 watching!!!

    7. Yippee! did this!

    8. Nothing today!!! I want to work on my Gundams and sewing patches onto my jacket

    9. Read more of Skin

    10. Working more on the goth playlist! yay

    June 8th

    1. There is most definitely a stupid bitch-ass squirrel. I bought some capsaicin animal repellent that will be arrving Tuesday. Please pray for my plants that they will live until Tusday. I also bought my roommate's tomato plant today at a farmers market for 4 dollars. It's called a Hillbilly Tomato and it looks like it will have a pretty color. I also talked with another roommate's friend about how I wanted to grow more plants next year, which seems very exciting in prospect

    2. At the farmer's market I also bought some jalapeno cheese bread and a metric fuckton of strawberries. I am very excited about both of these. I also have to buy groceries tomorrow and I really really want to order food but I shan't not. I have food at home, unfortunately

    3. More Hiragana :)

    4. Read a little bit of Skin again. woohoo

    5. Played some Animal Crossing and some Stardew Valley hopefully :)

    6. Not today!

    7. Did these before I went to the farmers market!

    8. Not today!

    9. Skin!

    10. Worked on the goth playlist a bit

    June 7th

    1. I think some bitchass squirrel is ruining my new beautiful plants. Fucked up. Will put some cayanne around my plants at some point soon to prevent this hopefully

    2. Did order myself dinner tonight and paid my bills so that was lame. But work sucked I didn't want to make dinner

    3. Did some quick hiragana before work

    4. Read a tiny bit more of Skin by Robert Vandermolen, but I had to leave for work at 1 so not much

    5. I am not doin that shit 2nite. Maybe Animal Crossing

    6. Not today

    7. I forgot, again I had to leave at 1 and mid shifts mess me up soooo bad for some reason

    8. Naur

    9. Skin by Robert Vandermolen

    10. Add more 2 goth playlist

    June 6th

    1. Today I went to the greenhouse and got some stuff, and planted Cayanne and Jalapeno peppers, as well as a cucumber and some flowers. They didn't have the greatest herb selection, and I don't know my roommate's preferred kind of slicing tomato, so I did not get those. I will try and get them next week. I will also need to get more potting soil, as I used the last of what I have to plant the flowers and peppers. I have 3 available pots, however, so I am content with those for now. Overall very exciting things are happening, and I cant wait to see the flowers bloom.

    2. I bought some stuff at the greenhouse, but I don't plan on buying anything else today! I do have to send my roommate my part of the utilities for the month, but it's under my usual budget for bills, so I'm not too mad

    3. More hiragana today. Nothing special lol

    4. I caught up on Chainsaw Man. What the fuck. I have so many thoughts. Genuinely one of the manga that just haunts me What Is Going On There. It's beautiful

    5. More Hades II. Yippee!

    6. Nothing 2day....

    7. Didn't brush my teeth this morning so I have to do that after work. Alas

    8. No webbed site work today, sorry! Takin it easy today

    9. Hades II and Chainsaw Man

    10. More work on the goth playlist yayyy

    June 5th

    1. Today I just did a little bit of watering, but I probably should have just left them alone--as it is my understanding that it will rain later today. They should be fine though, so I'm not too worried about them being overwatered. Tomorrow I will go to the local greenhouse and get the plants I want, I have a little bit saved up just for buying plants and dirt and new pots

    2. I do not plan on getting anything today, and while work is always a little risky because of the items that we have, if we get anything today I will just have to wait, because I don't get my employee discount until things have been on the floor for at least 7 days (except for dvds, those we just automatically get for like... 1.24. Not the point though. The point is I'm not getting anything today as far as I'm aware

    3. Just some hiragana today, I just want to get back into the habit of practicing Something every day for just a little bit.

    4. Read more of Skin by Robert Vandermolen, as I adjust to his style of poetry I find myself more engaged with each poem. I will definitely have to go through this twice to really understand the earlier poems, but I don't see that as a bad thing. I'd rather read something twice to understand it than read it once and not process anything.

    5. More Hades II. The Steam Summer Sale and Shadows of the Erdtree fast approach however, so I'm hoping to purchase some things off my wishlist during the sale. Exciting stuff!

    6. No movie today.

    7. I didn't wash my face today, I am simply too tired as of... an hour after I woke up. Regardless though, I did moisturize and I brushed my teeth. Now that it's becoming associated with a thing I like doing (working on my website) it's becoming easier to do it, which is good

    8. No website update today, still trying to figure out the links page

    9. Hades II and Skin!

    10. Working through more artists for the goth playlist, the A's are taking forever to get through because I want to find more obscure goth bands because a lot of them are quite good and deserve love too

    June 4th

    1. I was looking at my lettuce today and im realizing that I might need to do some replanting later in the season to get any harvest. I think for that I would be planting essentially right after I got back from my trip home for a fall harvest. It's not ideal but my poor lettuce :(. My carrots seem to be going crazy though so that's exciting

    2. I'm not buying them today, but I need to buy a ticket for a convention since my friends and I will be going to it when I go home. I'm debating if it's cheaper to buy a 2 day pass or if just buying 2 tickets for Friday/Saturday is better? Will discuss with some people before I make a decision. I'm also trying to decide if I should go to the Sisters of Mercy concert coming near me in September. I definitely have a little bit of time to decide, but the tickets are expensive for anything that isn't nosebleeds and I'd have to get gas. I'm not really worried about going by myself I just don't know if that much money will be justifiable. I'll continue to think on it a bit.

    3. A little more hiragana, just trying to memorize more and more a bit at a time!

    4. Read a bit more of Skin by Robert Vandermolen, I'm really liking the poems in here so far. The way he sometimes cuts off line and goes to the next stanza can be a little jarring, but I think I just haven't read poetry in a while, so I'm no longer used to that

    5. I remembered that the Shadows of the Erdtree DLC comes out for Elden Ring 5 days before I go home. It's exciting, actually, because it means that I get to replay a Souls game without any excuse. Might start a new character--a new oc--to subject to Elden Ring for this run. I will also play a little Hades II

    6. Not watchin anything today, I unfortunately work a full shift this time

    7. I think part of my struggle with brushing my teeth is while I know part of why I need to brush is to prevent receding gums, I can't stand the feeling of bristles on them. I did brush them today though, and I used both my face wash and moisturizer. It's hard to wash my face now that I actually have hair now... I get why those skincare/makeup influencers have headbands. My ponytail will have to work though

    8. I think I have most of the websites I want to put on there but I'm realizing there are a LOT of wikipedia articles I want to add. It's not my fault that conspiracy theories are either REALLY funny or just actual things the government has done. And also everyone should know about things

    9. Read Skin, playing Hades II/Elding Ring Maybe

    10. Working on the goth playlist again, but also a summer goth playlist I have that I'm slowly adding to. It's interesting how many punk and post-punk bands on the West Coast (and some who aren't even related to the West Coast at all) took inspiration from sounds that originate in surf rock. Makes some of it great summertime music, and some bands even lean into that sound. Really cool stuff

    June 3rd

    1. I'll be honest, the idea of going outside of my house sounds outright dreadfull. I've done a lot of leaving the house this past Saturday/Sunday, so I think today will be a chill inside day where I decidedly do not go to the greenhouse. It can be put off untill Wednesday or Thursday, most notably because I do not work until 4:30 those days, so it feels a bit easier to do so.

    2. Since I'm not going out today, that helps prevent a lot of impulse spending. I finished submitting the library card application, so that will also help prevent me from buying books that I don't absolutely love and desire to reread infinitely. Much as I love having books, I'm sure that the library is a better option. I'm not allowed to buy any new gunpla either, seeing as I have 7 (technically 6, one is a One Piece model, not gunpla) I still need to build. Hopefully I can do that today.

    3. Did a little more hiragana practice, nothing super crazy. My heart hasn't really been in it (I'm mostly just very tired) so I'm mostly doing the minimum to still be learning! I don't want to give up on it.

    4. I am reading a poetry book called Skin, by Robert Vandermolen. I miss engaging with poetry so I picked it up on a whim a few months ago at a local independant bookstore. The poetry seems to be good and engaging so far, but I think it will require a few rereads to get everything thats being put down. My interest in this poetry collection lies in how he has weaved together the act of human interaction and that of the natural world.

    5. I don't feel particularly interested in playing anything today, but if I do, it will likely be Hades II. I am finding a lot of solace in that game, as I did with the first one. This time though, it is just due to the lonelieness of a summer spent in an unfamiliar place, with only a few friends. I find myself itching to return home sooner than the date my family has planned. I just have to make it to the 27th.

    6. While not watching it today, my movie plan for this week will be likely watching airings of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Their official YouTube channel has been running a 24-hour stream and it's been very soothing to return to something I grew up watching at 8 pm through the antenna.

    7. Doing this has been a great reminder to do these things. Today my plan is to do the whole skincare routine AND brush my teeth, after i take a shower. Day 3 hair is gnarly and makes me feel less like a person and more like some wretched blob. The good news is this can be fixed with a shower and a little bit of love.

    8. I'm trying to start cataloguing links to put on my links page to update, but there are so many beautiful websites all around me that it is kind of hard. I will be doing my best.

    9. Hades II and reading one of the books I bought but have yet to read counts as working towards completeing my backlog!

    10. Working more on my goth playlist, the band ANTI:AGER has a sound I'm really enjoying, and others are to be added as well. It's nice to see progress on this playlist, as the songs on it are at 148 as I work my way through the A's of goth bands both large and small.

    June 2nd

    1. I didn't have much to do, but my roommate's... step-son (long story) came over and he helped me water the plants! It was very cute, hes around 5 but was very eager to help me water the carrots. I'm pretty good around small children, even if I don't always like being around them, but this little one's high energy reminds me a bit of my little sister when she was younger.

    2. I did go today and get ice cream with a friend, but considering it was 4 dollars and part of us hanging out it doesn't really feel like spending. It was a good time, we first walked around a park for about 40 minutes (I experineced my first swamp! It was very fun and enriching, there were lots of beautiful flowers) and then we went and got some ice cream. I had a lemon soft serve and god I love citrus flavors soooo much. Well worth the 4 dollars.

    3. Today I'm just doing a little bit of hiragana stuff, nothing crazy... Only for a little bit too, but 5 minutes dedicated to learning something new is better than no minutes, in my opinion.

    4. Today I'm not reading anything, but I am finally getting my library card! I'm doing it online because I don't really feel like parking downtown, but it makes it more official that I've now been living here almost a year. I'd been putting it off because it made things feel too... real, to have my own library card. I always used my mom's, so to have my own is a big step! Very exciting stuff though, I have some books I really want to check out!

    5. I played a little bit of Hades II, not a ton. I think I should write a review of the early access at some point, I think it's incredibly solid and they really are expanding things and have done a lot for the game, I really love it. Supergiant has made a lot of games that mean a lot to me so I'm glad to see them make something that will definitely impact me again. Also Hephaestus has a great design, literally my perfect ideal man.

    6. I am rewatching Vampire Hunter D tonight, which I don't really know if this counts or not, but it makes me happy. So I'm watching it.

    7. I will brush my teeth at like 9 tonight, but i did do my skincare routine because I had to, my moisturizer also has sunscreen so I have to use it when I go outside for any length of time.

    8. No update... still need to figure out how to add a books section without making everything uneven :/

    9. I am playing Hades II if that counts?

    10. Listening to a band called ANGEL-MAKER, they were recommended to me as a goth band but they have some good ambient tracks too I really dig, they're getting put in the goth playlist.

    June 1st

    1. The Gardenis doing well! Today I just needed to water them, but Monday I plan to plant more stuff! I ended up having a really nice conversation with my landlord's wife (she was there so their son can mow our lawn) about gardening and planting things which was cool and a bit strange.

    2. Start of the month! I'm saving for a new dining table and also driving back home to see my family at the end of the month. I no longer need to buy an Ariona every day, I've been buying a few gallons iof sweet tea every week to help save on waste :). I need to get groceries today--and my roommates and I are going to go get sushi as a treat for making it through a whole month!

    3. Back on that hiragana grind. Yay!

    4. Skimmed some Marie Kondo again--it's time to go through things this weekend, roofers came Thursday and they left their dumpster so we are free to use it this weekend!

    5. This month will probably be a lot of Hades 2, but I also bought Lies of P from work recently and want to try and get through either that or Metal Mutation

    7. We did it! I brushed my teeth lmaooo

    8. Nothing 2day, though I realized I forgot the "books" section on my media tab, so I'll figure that out soon. Might try and add a couple other things just to make it more even but I don't know what else I'd add

    May 6th

    Even though I put the stuff in for May 4th on the 5th, I forgot to put the actual stuff in for the 5th so I'm just skipping it. I wrote it down but idgaf

    1. Garden continues to require little out of me

    2. Yesterday I had to buy a fucking HDMI to DVI cable to use on my computer. I don't like buying stuff from amazon but I wasn't feeling great and didn't want to leave the house. I can finally use both of my monitors and my drawing tablet though. I'm going to buy myself an Arizona tea or two for work today even though I work from 4:30 to 9:30. I need a treat to be there

    3. Listened to some Japanese news broadcast and mimiced the sounds so as to work on pronunciation (I didn't feel like writing my hiragana today

    4. While not quite what I meant with this goal I did read like far too much about html to redo my home page so I am counting it

    5. No video game rn! I want to play FFVII but also I don't. Might play a little Dead Cells though

    6. Yesterday I watched Blacula. It was.... interesting. I had a fun time but man the audio mixing got rough in a few spots. Very fun and weird time though

    7. If nothing else this new habit tracker is great at actually getting me to do this. I mostly just forget but every time I fill this out now I'm forced to at least look at it. I brushed my teeth and put on moisturizer. I have more skincare stuff I also need to do but one thing at a time

    8. I literally changed the entire home page its as worked on as it's gonna get today

    9. I watched Blacula yesterday so that counts for... something

    10. Doing that as I write actually, continuing to add to the goth playlist, if Spotify didn't suck such shit sometimes I'd link my playlists somewhere but unfortunately Spotify sucks shit.

    May 4th

    1. Saw my plants! Didn't need to water them due to rain last night but my sprouts are doing alright

    2. I did buy stuff but I don't feel particularly bad about it! It was a fun outing day and we went to a record store and a comic store (since it was free comic book day) so I got The Batman Who Laughs as well as a few music related things. Still stayed relatively within budget.

    3. I did not study Japanese, when I got home and everyone else had left I was exhausted

    4. I read a little bit of The Batman Who Laughs but not a lot

    5. No video gaming unfortunately

    6. Did not do this

    7. Did not do this

    8. Did not do this

    9. Did not do this

    10. Added all of two songs to the goth playlist

    May 3rd

    1. No need to check on the plants, it rained last night!

    2. Today I work, which is always dangerous at a used video game store, but today I won't get anything. I will buy an Arizona Tea before work as a treat :)!

    3. Got back to trying to memorize hiragana. Just doing some practice, I'm definitely rusty.

    4. Read more House of Leaves

    5. I'm working today, so probably no video games, since I won't get out of work till 9:30 tonight

    7. Did these today ^-^

    9. See #4

    10. Worked on the goth playlist a little bit.

    May 2nd

    1. Plants got watered, sprouts doing well

    2. I started up my budget again, its unfortunate that I have to but such is the life of broke college student. Technically I'm off to a bad start under my "fun money" category because yesterday I had bought two shirts. It was worth it though, I saw Vision Video and Then Comes Silence in concert and it was super fun. I figured since theyre both bands I like and I'd be supporting smaller creatorsit'd be okay :)! I like both shirts too so it was worth it.

    4. Read another chapter of House of Leaves on my reread. I super love this book (hence why I want to make a shrine) so I wanted to read it a second time to really sit with it. ^-^

    5. Put my backlog list together! It's not finished but I can add things to it how I want. There's one for games, but also for movies, tv shows, anime, and books. I think firstI'm going to replay FFVII, which i guess technically makes it not backlog but I don't fucking care it's my rules

    8. Basically all I've done today is work on my website. This website won't count for the future for this goal that way it feels less like a cheat to just do this. It won't be a daily goal though it's just A Goal.

    9. See 4+5

    10. Worked on "Goth" playlist